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 Oct.12-14, 2023: Naga Sutra & Rituals
Oct.20-22:  Holy Women of Great Perfection

Naga Retreat.   October 12-15, 2023

• Naga Sutra Teachings& Spiritual Energies, Naga Sur Ritual, Naga mantras, Naga Torma, Naga Mandala & sunset meditation

A balanced relationship between humanity and nature is valued and essential in the Tibetan Bön tradition and across the indigenous world. Spirits, some of which are called nagas, dwell on the water and the land and protect the earth. In recent times, it has become vital for humankind to recover the principle of harmony and to repair the damage done to the earth, as well as to save people and Nature from negativity and illness. Because of the recent alarming increase in pollution and exploitation of the environment, along with the consequential negative ramifications, such as the emergence of new illnesses, this ceremony offering is for healing of negative energies and obstacle energies.​

15th: Dakini Sadhana & Tsog

19th & 20th: Public speaking & book signing.


October 20 - 22, 2023SAO PAOLA: Holy Women of Great Perfection / DAKINI RETREAT

• Holy Women of Great Perfection

In this new translation and commentary from the Bön tradition of ancient Tibet, Holy Women of Great Perfection is from a lineage of enlightened women across central Asia who achieved rainbow body. Tantric Buddhist scripture reveals that all beings have the same potential for full awakening and compassionate action. Each of the thirty teachings, handed down from dakini to student, reveals a mystical sign language and meaning that conveys the true nature of mind which is whole, perfect, and complete.



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