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Essence, Nature & Compassion

May  27th

Essence, Nature and Compassion are three important qualities of natural mind which reside in each of us. Daily emotions often create a lot of suffering and challenges, but when you take a look at your excitement, sadness, depression, fairness, hopelessness or whatever feeling and stay in the present moment, you eventually recognize a solution for the problems. 

We can train in utilizing the methods of searching the relative mind for where an emotion or thought comes from, how it gets compounded, what the primary and secondary sources are, and how it is interdependent upon various causes and results. 

These are the kinds of questions that we utilize when conducting   significant research into ultimate reality.  As we become more skilled in our practice, we increase our ability to maintain spiritual balance without fear and hope.

June 3rd
As Geshe will be traveling for much of May, he will make every effort to maintain his teaching schedule. If he is not able to attend, there will be a sangha meditation and an opportunity to share ideas.

$15/ class
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