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Wednesdays, 10-11 am pacific time

Join Geshe Dangsong Namgyal for this on-going series introducing the ancient Bön canon of the Naga Sutra. These transmissions, given by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, are a collection of meditations, practices, mantra, ritual and teachings that restore energetic balance and pure wisdom for the natural world and all beings.


Particular emphasis is placed upon the importance of keeping outer and inner elements in balance. As technology increases, people are less and less aware of natural forces. Due to this, we have been experiencing increasing and more devastating natural disasters, pandemic, pollution, spiritual and energetic deterioration. The practices and rituals of the Naga Sutra bring us into greater harmony with spirits and nature. For example, our physical forms and environment are all comprised of the elements; outer and inner elements are connected. Beings that are invisible to normal perception, like nagas, support the earth and water. If the outer elements- the earth, oceans, air, etc. are harmed, the spirits can cause difficulty for humans.


These Naga Sutras are included in all Tibetan Buddhist canons and are frequently practiced by all Tibetans. The not only convey the solutions for temporal problems of ourselves and our world, but evoke the pure Dharmakaya wisdom of ultimate realization.

This on-going series will be presented on zoom.

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