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Nampar Gyalwa

Attend in person or from your own home!

Thanks for registering for Nampar Gyalwa Mandala. You will receive the link the day prior to the teaching.

Nampar Gyalwa
Mandala Practice

December 16, 2023
10 am-12 pm; 2-4 pm pacific time

SPECIAL One- day Teaching
(Not included in friends program)

Online and in person
In person:
5929 Alameda Avenue, Apt.28, Richmond, CA

Geshe Dangsong Namgyal has chosen the Nampar Gyalwa Yidam as a very important topic for our Kunsang Gar program. Part of this topic is an introduction of Nampar Gyalwa Mandala, which is representative of most major tantric mandalas.

In this urgent time, Nampar Gyalwa, a manifestation of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab,  is known for overpowering millions of negative spirits' energy in ancient times.

Anyone having trouble with their mind, body, or success in attaining goals, the Nampar Gyalwa practice is important.  Whenever one engages in this practice, you should understand the basic meaning of the mandala and deity.Through knowledge and practice, you enter a higher path of enlightenment and can attain great realization. For those attending this teaching, the door to the special tantric spiritual path will open. With cultivation, negative spirits can not harm, body and mind can be healed, special energies can develop, and one can gain great accomplishment.

Donation: $80

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