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A Khrid Ngondro is a set of practices that benefits the practitioner, whatever your ability. It immerses one's practice in all three levels of Kunsang Gar Wisdom at once.


Generally viewed as developing Foundational Wisdom, the practices stabilize your mind and clears delusions and obstacles of body, speech and mind. However, the primary focus of this program also emphasizes mind training or Mental Development. The ultimate benefit develops the greatest protection: awareness of the pure Dharma Quintessential Wisdom. 


The practice, as outlined by the accomplished Shardza Rinpoche, includes taking refuge, generating bodhichitta, purification, mandala offerings, guru yoga and dedication.


No commitment required. 

More information regarding on-going group classes to follow.

By donation.


A KHRID NGONDRO Practice Group

Open to those who've received the Lung.

Begins October 10th, 2022  (all sessions about one hour)

MONDAYS, 8 pm pacific: Video teaching with Geshe Namgyal 

WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS, 8 pm pacific: practice session


Facilitated by KunsangGarMx


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