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Geshe Dangsong Namgya
JUNE 17-18, 2023

Online and In person

English with Spanish translation

Geshe Dansong Namgyal will provide teachings on a powerful practice for the time of dying, the period of transition (the Bardo) and the transference of consciousness (Phowa).

Our human life is precious. It is brief and it can be cut short by accident or calamity at any time. This past year we have seen many natural disasters, disease, mechanical failures, and so forth; they strike at any time and no one is assured of escape. It is best to be prepared.

When consciousness leaves the body, it is like a person losing their home. Our consciousness remains very active, but can be afflicted with fear and much suffering. Upon developing a Bardo practice, we train to overcome confusion, doubt and fear as they occur. Understanding the stages of the Bardo along with Phowa meditation prepares us, step by step, for the dissolution of the five elements of the body during the death. 

By maintaining a meditative state at this time, one can attain liberation or a good rebirth. If a person has created negative karma, the causes for an inauspicious rebirth are applied. Phowa practice, however, helps to protect one from such a rebirth and can lead to a wonderful experience and a chance to take rebirth in special pure lands. Many phowa teachings say that this yoga acts as an escort taking you to abodes of bliss… or Buddhahood by a forceful method. 

Therefore, Geshe Namgyal includes this two-day teaching as part of the Kunsang Gar Wisdom program. This is a teaching within the Dzogchen perpective from the Bön Shardza lineage. 

In person covid protocol: masks optional; please attend online if not well.

In Person & online; Registration required

Saturday, June  17: 10 am - 12 pm; 2-5 pm Pacific time
Sunday, June 18:     10 am - 12pm; 2-4 pm Pacific time

Fee: $90/course; $50 low income

Location: The Berkeley Alembic, 2820 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Phowa & Bardo Registration

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Thanks for registering for the Phowa teaching! If you are joining online, you will receive a zoom link 1-2 days before the first session.

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