Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra

What we first of all need to do, in order to go beyond, as this perfection is called the Wisdom Gone Beyond or the Perfection of Wisdom, to go beyond samsara, is understand self and examine the nature of self, to see how a sense of self arises within us.

We don’t want to just talk about this, we want to turn it inwards, we want to contemplate the meaning or meditate as we go along. So we want to be looking within ourselves and determining how we get this sense of I; where does it come from?

The components of our being, the aggregates of our being, which we have, our body and mind, are merely the basis upon which this designation of I, me, self, can be made. They are different than the self, I. It’s a mere labeling that’s taking place. Everything exists in this way, that it is dependent upon other factors.

Gradually, you can join your understanding of emptiness with everything, all phenomena, internal and external.

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