Ultimate Kindness in Natural Mind

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Natural Mind meditation uncovers the path to realization and ultimate kindness. It leads to a deeper and deeper realization of inner luminosity. Everyone struggles with confusion and problems in daily life, the opposite of kindness. People can even make themselves sick with their thoughts. For example, a person is given a healthy meal, but thinks it’s contaminated; when they eat it, they become sick.

When we recognize the actions and source of our thoughts, then inner emptiness is revealed. It is an inner experience, not outside of us. Emptiness is like the sun; there is a luminosity like sunlight. The most difficult thing to understand is how emptiness and luminosity are related. When one has an experience of realization, then you understand that they are qualities of a single essence in union, never separated.

When we have this experience, all distraction disappears. Everything is clear like a crystal sphere. Everything outer and inner is clear. In this state of realization, liberation and enlightenment are naturally present. This is great bliss. Without confusion and distraction, everything that arises is kindness and happiness. Compassion and loving kindness spontaneously arise like the heat of the sun.

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