Pure Dzogchen Meditation


First Sunday of the Month: 10 am pacific time

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Join Geshe Dangsong Namgyel for teaching of the Natural Mind, a practice from the Bön Dzogchen tradition of Tibet. Geshe teaches this practice in a manner to benefit those of all walks of life—both for the beginner or experienced practitioner. This is a great drop in class if you are exploring and if you are wanting to calm your mind and sit awhile.

Our group’s main practice is Natural Mind meditation. Meditation on the Natural Mind leads to self-liberation. The teaching of Pure Dzogchen involves the introduction to the true nature of your mind and is a door to the special quality spontaneously present within us.

On the basis of actual practice, not simply believing, one develops definite realization or direct experience. Its view is without prejudice, unbiased; its meditation is the great equanimity. Quintessential Wisdom teachings will attend to the following:

  • Identifying mind and the mind’s true nature

  • Revealing the innate wisdom-mind through the three great stages of meditative practice  (Thun-gom, Ngang-gom and Long-gom)

  • Pure Dzogchen or Natural Mind meditation

Pure Dzogchen 1st Sunday ONLINE meditation;
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English with Spanish & Russian translation. 

Sunday, September 4th, 2022   


10 am pacific time (New York 1pm, Berlin 6pm, Kyiv 7pm)


1st Sunday Global Dzogchen with Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

English with Russian and Spanish translation

Topic: Becoming a Holy Being

Holy beings are like pure water. Water is necessary for survival. Most concepts, such as desire, politics, partiality and ego, pollute the mind and spiritual path. Ignorance is the primary cause of someone remaining an ordinary being.

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5828 Alameda Avenue #28, Richmond, CA

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1st Sunday Pure Dzogchen

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