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Mount Kailash Energetic Practice

Saturday, December 2, 2023

10- 11:30 am Pacific time

In Person & Online.  

In person:

5929 Alameda Avenue, Apt.28, Richmond, CA

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Geshe Dangsong Namgyal will present this important energetic Bön practice of Mount Kailash —center of the universe,  the palace of Wisdom Deities, the source of all wisdom and power.  Generating strong devotion and meditation with this practice can increase the power to and clear obscurations.  Geshe will give instruction on Mount Kailash Wisdom Deities and transmission of this powerful mantra. 


At this sacred abode, the holy mountain Deity names three Universal Protectors. From the syllable U comes the emanation body, Walchen Gekhöd, with nine faces, eighteen arms, six legs open wide and a body of pure gold.  At the crown of the head, on top of a golden garuda, is the primordial wisdom deity Ati Muwer. At the heart, is situated the miraculous deity Kuji Mangke.

Donation: $25

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