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Mexico Events in February, 2024

Geshe is inviting the Kunsang Gar friends to many of these events. Anyone interested is welcomed to sign up for the Kunsang Gar friends program and become a supporter!

Real time streaming available; recordings will not be included.


Feb 2-3-4.  &  Feb. 16-17-18

Yetri Thasel included in 'friends' program! ***

Geshe Dangsong will give teachings regarding a simple way to remain balanced in daily base practice and meditation.  The instruction also focuses on the bardo at death and how to attain ultimate happiness, the effect of a person’s realization gained in one’s lifetime upon the time in the bardo, and how to help others during their death time. The final topic introduced will be the one and only factor that can occupy us for ultimate liberation: distinguishing the qualities for individual realization through very deep instruction in Dzogchen.

Friday, Feb 2nd: 4- 7pm pacific

Saturday, Feb. 3rd: 8am- 4 pm pacific

Sunday, Feb 4th: 8am- 12pm pacific


Monday, Feb.5, 2024 

Dra Lha Mountain Ritual   (not available online)

The Dra Lha Mountain Ritual benefits whoever has lost connection with their powerful deities and energies. Extensive preparations and offerings will be made, including the nine types of armor. which are tremendously

Geshe Dangsong Namgyal emphasizes the importance of supporting Dra Lha in order to reconnect and renew the good energies related to the primordial source. People who have spent their entire lives fighting, immersed in negativities, like war, can finally achieve and restore all positive energies.

LOSAR Tashi Delek!

Feb. 9, 2024

Sherab Chamma Ritual  included in 'friends' program! 

Sherab Chamma is the source and essence of wisdom, as well as the

source of natural mind of all enlightened beings. She is the aspect of emptiness in space from which everything arises, in which everything abides and everything dissolves. She is the essence of absolute reality. In a way of lovingly caring for all sentient beings like a mother who cares for her only child or daughter, Sherab Chamma engages in supreme activity by teaching in the shape of a goddess.

Tuesday, Feb.9th: 4-7pm pacific

Feb. 10, 2024

Ceremony for Tibetan New Year -LOSAR! Year of the Wood Dragon!

Sidpe Gyalmo Tsok  included in 'friends' program! 

SidpeGyalmo is the supreme protective deity of Yungdrung Bon (known as Palden Lhamo in Tibetan Buddhism) and is a prominent deity in Tibet and the Himalayan region.  Ancient Bön scriptures contain many details of her manifestations and qualities. She manifests as peaceful or angry, with different purposes. Her main manifestation is that of the Supreme Protector Mother Sepi Gyalmo on a black mule​.

Wednesday, Feb.10th: 8am - 4pm pacific 

Feb.11, 2024

Naga Sutra Ritual  (not available online)

Our bodies and the environment are composed of the elements. The exterior and interior elements are connected. Invisible beings like the nagas hold the land and water. If the external elements (the earth, the oceans, air, etc.) are damaged, spirits can cause difficulties to humans. These Naga Sutras are included in all Tibetan Buddhist canons and are practiced frequently.

Feb 13, 2024

Nampar Gyalwa  included in 'friends' program!  

Nampar Gyalwa, a manifestation of the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, is known for mastering the energy of millions of negative spirits. For anyone who has problems with their mind or body or success in achieving objectives, Nampar Gyalwa is important.

Tuesday, Feb.13th: 4:30-7 pm pacific

*** For more information about Kunsang Gar's Friends Program or to sign up, click HERE

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