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July 2024         Remembering Your Precious Human Body

July 2024         The Mantra of Luminosity

July 2024         Mt Kailash Energetic Practice

June 2024       The Five Elements. [Portugal]

June 2024       Refuge [Spain]

June 2024       Pure Dzogchen [Spain]

June 2024       Chod: Laughter of the Dakinis Pt.4

June 2024       All Dakini Sadhana

May 2024        Ten Perfections of Dzogchen

May 2024        Separating Mind and Awareness of Natural mind

May 2024        Great Mother Sherab Chamma

May 2024        Garuda: Part 2

Apr 2024         Garuda: An Indication of the Highest Level of Meditative Wisdom

Apr 2024         Chod: Laughter of the Dakinis Pt.3

Apr 2024.        Removing Obstacles to Dzogchen Meditation

Mar 2024.        Naga Sang Offering /Nepal

Mar 2024         How to Maintain Dzogchen Meditation

Mar 2024         Chod: Laughter of the Dakinis Pt.2

Mar 2024         Nampar Gyalwa: Great Festival of Buddha Tonga Shenrab

Feb 2024         Chod: Laughter of the Dakinis Pt.1

Feb 2024         Mexico Series: Yetri Thasel, Naga Sutra, Nampar Gyalwa, Sherab                                  Chamma,  Dra Lha Mountain Ritual

Jan 2024          The Essence of Ultimate Bliss [Course]

Jan 2024           Advice for Pure Practitioners [Course]

Jan 2024           Pure Dzogchen -Albany

Jan 2024           Nampar Gyalwa World Healing & Protection Practice


Dec 2023        Trucker and Meditation

Dec 2023         Nampar Gyalwa Mandala Practice

Dec 2023         Five Element Practice 

Dec 2023        Praise to Sherab Chamma

Dec 2023        Mt Kailash Energetic Practice

Dec 2023         Magical Potential of the Nine Mirrors [Course]

Nov 2023         Recognizing Inner Peace

Nov 2023         Twelve Changeless Sentences [Course]

Nov 2023         Great Spiritual Songs of the Experience of Bliss & Emptiness

Oct 2023          Series in Brazil: Holy Women Dakini Teaching, Trucker, Naga Ritual

Oct 2023         Series in Chile: Naga Sutra, Dzogchen, Trulkor,  Sherab Chamma

Oct 2023          Series in Mexico: Dia de los Muertos, Ma Tri mantra, Soul Retrieval &                           Long Life Ceremony

Sep 2023.        The Great Ma Tri Mantra

Sep 2023         Bring Life Back into Balance: naga

Sep 2023         What actually is Heaven? 

Aug 2023        Nampar Gyalwa

Aug 2023         The Power of Mt Kailash and Its Spirits

Aug 2023        59 Verses in Brief Bodhisattvas' Training

Aug 2023        Natural Mind: Practice

Jul 2023           KG Mex host Gyalwa Menriwa Lungtok Dawa Dargyey Rinpoche

Jul 2023           Wheel of Life: 12 Links of Dependent Origination [Course]

Jul 2023           Essence of Dream Yoga

Jul 2023           Spiritual Energy is Inner Power

Jun 2023          Dream Yoga [Course]

Jun 2023          Dzogchen Phowa and the Bardo [Course]

Jun 2023          Pure Dzogchen: Essence Meditation

May 2023.       Nampar Gyalwa

Apr 2023          Inner Yoga: Five Winds

Apr 2023          Earth Day Ceremony: Naga Sutra

Apr 2023         Two Kinds of Happiness

Mar 2023         Pure Dzogchen [Mexico series]

Mar 2023         Refuge: Precepts & Simple Visualization

Mar 2023         Day of Miracles: Great Festival of Buddha ton-a Shenrab

Feb 2023         Podcast with Robert Thurman

Feb 2023         Losing Ego is not Losing the self

Jan 2023          Series in Brazil: Water Blessing, Pure Dzogchen, 

Feb 2023         Series in Mexico: Ngondro, Blue Dzambhala, Yetri Thasel, Pure                                      Dzogchen

Jan 2023          Series in Chile: Holy Women of Great Perfection, Intro to Zhitro

Jan 2023          Introduction to Zhitro


Dec 2022        Dharmakaya Prayer

Dec 2022        Mt.Kailash

Nov-Jan 2022 The Great Ma Tri mantra [Course]

Nov 2022        Songs of Shardza Rinpoche

Oct 2022         Oral Transmission of the Dharmakaya Prayer

Oct 2022         Pure Dzogchen

Oct 2022          Ngongro [Course] Mexico

Sep 2022         Soul Retrieval [Course]

Sep 2022         Becoming a Holy Being

Aug 2022        Water Blessing :The Cleansing Dharani of Yungdrung Vidharan, 

Aug 2022        Dzogchen Retreat [Course] Mexico

Aug 2022         Holy Women [Course]

Aug 2022        Holy Women Book Presentation   

Aug 2022        Ati Meditation [Course]

Jul 2022          Waking from the Sleep of Ignorance 

Jul 2022           Inner space is the place to find happiness

Jul 2022          Sidpe Gyalmo

Jun 2022          Pure Dzogchen: The View of the Nondual Grasper

Jun 2022         Saka Dawa: 11 Points

Jun 2022          Well-being of Mind and Brain

May 2022        Inner Yoga [Course]

May 2022.        Devotion is Your Power

Apr 2022         Equanimity [Course}

Apr 2022         Distinguishing Virtue and Wrongdoing

Mar 2022         The Power of Being Human

Mar 2022         Losar Ceremony

Feb 2022         Valid Evidence [Extended Course]

Feb 2022         Balance of Liberation

Jan 2022          Freedom from Conflict

Jan 2022          Four Immeasurables


Dec 2021         Searching for Truth

Nov 2021        Inner Balance helps you Everyday

Oct 2021         Ancient Wisdom of the Naga Sutra [Extended Course]

Oct 2021         What is actual Dzogchen Meditation?

Sep 2021         Fixing the Mind... or Calmness with Attributes

Aug 2021         Sky Magic Treasure  [Extended Program]

Aug 2021         How to Recognize the Mind

Jul 2021           Five Winds Trucker

Jul 2021           What is Enlightenment?

Jun 2021          Dharmakaya Prayer

Jun 2021         Innermost Refuge

May 2021        Naga Water Ceremony

May 2021        Inner Yoga [Course]

May 2021        Solving Agitation

Apr 2021         Purification in Dzogchen

Mar 2021         Meditation on your Inner Quality

Mar2021          Heart Sutra

Mar 2021         Pure Natural Mind Meditation

Feb 2021         Key to Vital Awareness [Course]

Jan 2021.        Zhitro: Liberation Upon Hearing

Jan 2021          New Year Message


Dec 2020         Mother Tantra: Yeshe Title chapter - Essence of Awareness

Nov 2020         Naga Sutras [Course]

Oct 2020          Golden Turtle (online) [Course]

Aug 2020.        Ngondro [Course] Russian

Aug 2020         Ati Meditation (online).   

Jul 2020.          Sidpe Gyalmo

Jun 2020          Transcendental Inner Emptiness

Jun 2020          Saka Dawa Ceremony

Mar-May  2020.  Pure Dzogchen Daily (online)

Feb 2020          Losar Ceremony: Healing the Earth & Removing Disease


Weekly Classes

Sept 2019        Naga Sand Mandala Ritual [Extensive}

Aug 2019        Water Purification /Santa Cruz

July 2019         Pure Dogchen /SanRafael

May 2019         Soul Retreival /Santa Cruz

Feb 2019         Pure Luminosity of Emptiness /Berkeley

Feb 2019         Great Perfection Dakini Lineage

Jan 2019          Pure Dzogchen /Berkeley


Nov 2018         Water Purification, Opening Wisdom Eye, Naga Ritual

Sept 2018        Six Lamps: Bon Dzogchen

Aug 2018         Pure Dzogchen /Cupertino

Aug 2018         Dream Yoga

Jul 2018           Heart Drops of the Dharmakaya

Jun 2018          Inner Yoga

May 2018         Naga Healing Ceremony

May 2018         Soul Retreival /Santa Rosa

May 2018         Four Noble Truths

April 2018        The Changeless 12 Sentences/ SC

April 2018        Earth Day Ceremony / Cultural event

Feb 2018          Death Yoga

Feb 2018          Losar Sang Ceremony


Nov 2017         Soul Retreival with Geshe Nyima Kunchap

Oct 2017          Naga Healing Ceremony

Sept 2017        12 Links of Dependent Arising

July 2017         Heart of Perfection

June 2017        Yogas of Body, Speech and Mind / Senior program

May 2017         21 Seals

May 2017         Weekly meditation: Santa Cruz

Apr 2017          12 Sentences

April 2017        Beyond Borders: Museum of Art & History

April 2017        Dream Yoga / Geshe Namgyal & Tenzin Wangyal

April 2017        The True Source of Healing with Tenzin Wangyal

Feb 2017         Buddha Nature

Feb 2017         Losar Ceremony


Nov 2016         Meditation Upon Dying

Nov. 2016        Natural Mind Meditation in Dzogchen

July 2016         Heart Essence of the Khandro

Feb 2016         Rushen



Mar 2015         Weekly meditation: on-going

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