Natural Mind Meditation

Clouds arise, abide and dissolve into space;
thoughts arise, abide and dissolve into Natural Mind.
Introduction to Natural Mind

Natural Mind is like space—one can’t conceive of just how vast it is. We all have an innate, primordially pure, enlightened quality. When we first begin to meditate, we look for the source of our thoughts and emotions, our conceptual mind. Ultimately, the Natural Mind, our inner awareness is revealed. 

The Buddha said, "You are your own master." That means that you have an enlightened quality, and with experience, can gain realization ultimate reality.

Meet Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

“Our happiness can only come from within; profound happiness does not come from outside ourselves.”

Geshe Dangsong Namgyal is a Yungdrung Bön and Rimé Dzogchen teacher focusing on Natural Mind. He entered the monastery in Tibet at a young age, eventually leaving Tibet to seek more in-depth teachings. After 25 years studying and teaching at Menri and Sera Je monasteries in India and Tritsen Norbutse Monastery in Nepal, he now teaches in the United States and online.


As a researcher of ancient Tibetan history, culture and religion, he has presented at numerous conferences and seminars around the world, has written many books in Tibetan, and is translating and introducing never presented ancient wisdom to westerners. His most recent release is his book, Pure Dzogchen: Zhang Zhung Tradition.


Kunsang Gar’s main aspiration is to promote Kunsang Gar Wisdom and to bring ancient traditions to modern society in order to nurture more peaceful minds, promote physical and environmental healing, and find the ultimate realization of true nature. Our primary study and practice is Dzogchen or Natural Mind Meditation.



December, 2020

Essence of Awareness (Yeshe Thigle)  The pure awareness emptiness is introduced along with luminosity.

Natural Mind Meditation

The teaching of Pure Dzogchen, not influenced by sutra and tantra, naturally reveals the spontaneous qualities of luminosity and clarity present within us.


Geshe Dangsong Namgyal’s main focus of teaching is Natural Mind Meditation or Pure Dzogchen. The Kunsang Gar Wisdom Program also provides a strong foundational understanding and teachings for mental development. The goal is to help individuals find greater mental health, emotional balance and peaceful minds.


Bön is the indigenous spiritual culture of Zhang Zhung, the area surrounding Mount Kailash in present day Tibet. The Bön tradition holds a rich history of tantra, shamanism and meditation, with evidence dating back 4,000 years, and an oral history of 18,000 years.


The book, Pure Dzogchen, by Geshe Namgyal, is a compilation of teachings providing the root, summary and essential points of Pure Dzogchen from the Zhang Zhung Tradition. The Dharmakaya or primordial Buddhahood is attained by means of one practice: single-pointed meditation on the Natural Mind.



Join Geshe Dangsong Namgyal for a vast array of insightful articles, special interest, culture, poetry, psychology, philosophy, art, history, inspiration and deep insight in this blog.

  What people are saying...

"I met Geshe about five years ago and I was completely blown away. It was the most subtle energetic transmission that I had ever experienced. The opportunity to receive these
Pure Dzogchen teachings is extremely rare."  

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