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About Kunsang Gar

Our Vision

Geshe Namgyal and members of Kunsang Gar's greatest aspirations are to promote Kunsang Gar Wisdom and to bring ancient traditions to modern society in order to nurture more peaceful minds, promote physical and environmental healing, and find the ultimate realization of true nature. Our primary study and practice is Dzogchen or Natural Mind Meditation.

Kunsang Gar means ever excellent, all-good, all-encompassing, perfect and always positive. Kunsang stands for goodness to all, everywhere, at all times and in all circumstances. Gar means camp or place.

What We Do:

Kunsang Gar Wisdom Program provides a strong foundational understanding and teachings for mental development. The goal is to help individuals find greater mental health, emotional balance and peaceful minds.

Geshe Dangsong Namgyal’s quintessential teaching is Natural Mind Meditation or Dzogchen. The purity of Natural Mind and all its qualities is already inherent within us, but normally we are not aware of this. This practice, the way Geshe Namgyal presents it, can lead to profound realization.

The Yungdrung Bön tradition has ancient spiritual ritual, culture, language, and healing practices to benefit ourselves, communities and environment.

New Bön practices include sutra, tantra, mahamudra, madhyamaka, dzoghcen, hinayana and mahayana—all inseparable practices to ancient Bön and Indian Buddhism; like milk in the water, they are inseparable spiritual paths.



In Tibetan, Ris means bias or side and Med means lack, which when put together conveys a meaning of without bias or partisanship, promoting openness. 


The qualities of compassion, loving-kindness and harmony are shared by every lineage of Bön and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as all major religions. Kunsang Gar respects and wishes to collaborate with people from all paths. In Tibetan history, there have been periods of political discrimination and bias among different sects and religious traditions. To promote more harmony, many great teachers became Rimé.


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