These teachings are open and may benefit people from all spiritual traditions. 
All programs are currently being offered online. Registration is required to receive link.

All are welcome.

No one turned away for lack of funds. Please contact for information.


Transmission of Dharmakaya Prayer

Saturday, December 10th, 2022
10 am- 12:30 pm Pacific time. In person & Online 

Sacred Land of Mt Kailash
Saturday, December 17th, 2022
10 am- 11:30 pm Pacific time.  In person & Online 

Holy Women of Great Perfection 
Saturday, December 17th, 2022

A-KHRID NGONDRO Practice group
Monday teachings; Wednesday & Friday practice
Contact Kunsang Gar México for link


Nov 2022         Conversation with a Bird  

Oct 2022          Sky Magic Treasure          

Sept 2022        Soul Retrieval & Long-Life Ceremony

Aug 2022         Water Blessing & Healing Ceremony

Aug 2022         Dzogchen Retreat / Mexico      

Aug 2022         Holy Women Book Presentation / Mexico      

May 2022         Inner Yoga, Pt.3

Apr 2022          Engaging Equanimity

Apr 2022          Earth Day Healing Ceremony

Mar 2022          The Power of Being Human

Mar 2022.         LOSAR: Sipay Gyalmo Tsok

Feb 2022.         Valid Evidence for Dzogchen

Feb 2022          Balance of Liberation

Jan 2022           Water Purification and Opening the Wisdom Eye

Jan 2022           Freedom from Conflict


Dec 2021           Searching for Truth

Nov 2021           Sky Magic Treasure          

Nov 2021           Intro to Holy Women of Great Perfection -EastWest Books

Nov  2021          Inner Balance helps you Everyday

Oct  2021          What is Dzogchen Meditation?

Sept 2021          Fixing the Mind...Calmness with Attributes

Aug 2021           How to Recognize the Mind

Jun  2021           Inner Yoga

May 2021           Naga Water Ritual

Mar 2021           Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra

Feb 2021           Losar Celebration: Sipay Gyalmo Tsok

Jan 2021           12 Sentences (Ukraine/online)

Jan 2021            Naga Sutra & Natural Mind (on-going/ online)


Nov 2020            Mother Tantra (online)

Oct 2020             Golden Turtle (online)

Aug 2020            Ati Meditation (online)

June 2020           Transcendental Inner Emptiness

June 2020           Saka Dawa Ceremony

Mar 2020             Pure Dzogchen Daily (online)

Feb 2020             Losar Ceremony


Sept 2019            Naga Sand Mandala Ritual

Aug 2019             Water Purification /Santa Cruz

July 2019             Pure Dogchen /SanRafael

May 2019            Soul Retreival /Santa Cruz

Feb 2019             Pure Luminosity of Emptiness /Berkeley

Feb 2019             Great Perfection Dakini Lineage

Jan 2019              Pure Dzogchen /Berkeley


Nov 2018            Water Purification, Opening Wisdom Eye, Naga Ritual

Sept 2018           Six Lamps: Bon Dzogchen

Aug 2018            Pure Dzogchen /Cupertino

Aug 2018            Dream Yoga

Jul 2018              Heart Drops of the Dharmakaya

May 2018            Naga Healing Ceremony

May 2018            Soul Retreival /Santa Rosa

May 2018            Four Noble Truths

April 2018           The Changeless 12 Sentences/ SC

April 2018            Earth Day Ceremony / Cultural event

Feb 2018             Death Yoga

Feb 2018             Losar Sang Ceremony


Nov 2017            Soul Retreival with Geshe Nyima Kunchap

Oct 2017             Naga Healing Ceremony

Sept 2017           12 Links of Dependent Arising

July 2017             Heart of Perfection

June 2017           Yogas of Body, Speech and Mind / Senior program

May 2017            21 Seals

May 2017            Weekly meditation: Santa Cruz

April 2017           Beyond Borders: Museum of Art & History

April 2017           Dream Yoga / Geshe Namgyal & Tenzin Wangyal

April 2017           The True Source of Healing with Tenzin Wangyal

Feb 2017             Buddha Nature

Feb 2017             Losar Ceremony


Nov 2016            Meditation Upon Dying

Nov. 2016           Natural Mind Meditation in Dzogchen

July 2016            Heart Essence of the Khandro

Feb 2016            Rushen



Mar 2015            Weekly meditation: on-going