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Essence of Ultimate Bliss_cover_TN_edited.png
New Book
Essence of Ultimate Bliss:
Meditational Self-Awareness with Twenty-one Dzogchen Nails
by Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

Namkha Publications.

Trade Paperback, 144pp.

ISBN:  978-0-9996898-5-1



This quintessential Bön Dzogchen teaching presents twenty-one nails or instructions leading to certainty in the recognition and realization of the natural state. The entire subject of Dzogchen practice is included within it—both trechöd,  the cutting through, and thögal, the direct crossing. In the Natural State, we go beyond all intellectual activity. In separating from a dualistic view, the Natural Mind is recognized. It is beyond words. The only way to understand it is to experience it. 

Through a profound certainty in the ultimate meaning,
These results will emerge without a doubt.

Through a profound certainty in the base-of-all,
nirvana and samsara are swept away.

Through a profound certainty in innate awareness,
deluded obscurations [are realized to be] primordially pure.

Through a profound certainty about [the natural state of]
the intellect, the dynamic energy of primordial wisdom arises.


2019  PURE DZOGCHEN: Zhang Zhang Tradition (also available in Spanish, Portuguese, French)

2021  HOLY WOMEN OF GREAT PERFECTION: Thirty Signs and Meanings of Ultimate Nature in the Ancient Tibetan Tradition (also available in Spanish, Portuguese)

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