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Geshe Namgyal announces the publication of 
Holy Women of Great Perfection
Thirty Signs and Meanings of Ultimate Nature
in the Ancient Tibetan Tradition

Commentary by Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

Namkha Publications.

Trade Paperback, 144pp.

ISBN:  978-0-9996898-2-0

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In the scriptures of the highest Buddhist Tantra and the ancient Bön tradition, the ultimate truth is revealed: that all beings have the same potential for full awakening and compassionate action, regardless of their gender orientation. What is further clarified is that the masculine and feminine principals are unified in a fully awakened state of being. In Buddha’s assertion of the existence of buddha-nature in all beings we can find what is surely the deepest and purest message of all spirituality: the equality and essential goodness of all living beings.

This message of all the holy beings has been distorted over the course of time and concealed by human imperfection and patriarchal dominance. I am therefore especially glad to be bringing forth this new translation and commentary from our ancient Bön tradition of teachings given solely by enlightened women who have achieved rainbow body. They are from many countries: India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet, Zhangzhung. In the concise root text, each of the Dakinis gives a teaching in mystical sign language, followed by a verbal explanation that nakedly reveals the true nature of mind. It is a brief root text that is part of the Yetri Thasel cycle in the Dzogchen teachings of Bön.

In my lifetime of study and practice, I have personally found the practice of these teachings to be the most beneficial. I have also found it to be a most useful meditation to offer to others. With prayers and aspirations that it may bring temporary and ultimate benefit to a wide readership, I invite you to enjoy this new translation of the root text and the commentary that I have prepared with translation and editing assistance from David Molk.


—Geshe Dangsong Namgyal, California, April 2020

Pure Dzogchen: Zhang Zhung Tradition

by Geshe Dangsong Namgyal 


Namkha Publications, Publisher. Paperback, 144pp.

ISBN: 9780999689813   


Dzogchen is the state of great perfection. In Bon, there are nine steps to achieving enlightenment. The gradual path contains the beginning eight steps and includes many practices and teachings. The Dzogchen teaching is the highest step and directly introduces Dharmakaya or primordial Buddhahood. This is attained by means of one practice: single-pointed meditation on the Natural Mind. The meditator passes beyond mind and encounters the inconceivable vastness of the natural mind and ultimate truth. All delusions, ignorance and emotions are liberated. Freeing the practitioner from daily problems is of benefit; however the path of liberation, is the ultimate benefit. This compilation of Geshe Namgyal's teachings provides the route, summary and essential points of the Pure Dzogchen from the Zhang Zhung Tradition.

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