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Introduction to
Great Master Shardza Tashi Gyalsten's


Laughter of the Dakinis
Part 4

with Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

June 8, 2024
 10 am pacific time
Online and In person.   ALL WELCOME

Join Geshe for continued teaching and meaning of this Short Chod Practice composed by the great Bon Dzogchen Master Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen who achieved the rainbow body in 1934.

Geshe's teaching will emphasize the meaning and practice of Chod: meaning to cut through. This practice helps develop the wisdom that ultimately cuts through the four obstacles that cause our suffering and delusion:

  • our grasping at the ego 

  • our attachment to our physical body and the aggregates of form, feelings, perception, mental formations, and consciousness 

  • our afflictive emotions and habits, and 

  • our attachment to the concept of a permanent and independently existing self our fear of dying.

Fee: $30 (non-member)

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