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An indication of the highest level
of meditative wisdom

April 20, 2024.   10-11:30 am pacific time
Online only 

The Garuda flies through the sky, regardless of restrictions or difficulty. Ancient scripture talks about the knowledge possessed by a high level meditation practitioner which can cut through all confusion, limitation, and grasping.  


Part of the Nampar Gyalwa deity mandala, the Garuda is known as Chungse Sangye Gyalpo, meaning King of Buddha Garuda Deva. Characteristics of the garuda include a tremendous ability to instantaneously fly across great expanses  and an extremely powerful transmutative energy.


This teaching conveys the huge power that meditation has in transcending the ordinary, conceptual mind and the bondage of delusional circumstances. The garuda illustrates the spacious, high level view through action, intention, samaya, activity, cause and effect, times, dimensions, quality, non-dual, energy, inner balance and inner happiness.  

All of these topics are integrated into one focus—daily meditative or energetic realization.

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